Acoustimass® 3 Series V stereo speaker system
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Acoustimass® 3 Series V stereo speaker system

Your music. Made better.

Impressive sound. Inconspicuous speakers. The Acoustimass 3 Series V system helps your music shine with two Virtually Invisible® Series II cube speakers that stand only 3.5 inches high. A compact Acoustimass module reproduces low notes that let you can really feel at any volume. Together, they make all your music better with virtually no disruption to your room.

  • Lifelike stereo performance for average-sized rooms
  • Redesigned Virtually Invisble Series II speakers are low profile and can mount flush to your wall
  • Deep low notes from compact Acoustimass module
  • Cables and connectors included and clearly marked for easy setup

Small speakers. Surprising performance.

Redesigned Virtually Invisible Series II speakers are sleek and compact. But they reproduce a level of sound that definitely belies their size. They fit snug to your wall with optional brackets, eliminating nearly two inches of extension from the wall compared to the previous model. The look is new. But the sound is as consistent as ever.



Low notes. Low profile.

The Acoustimass module complements the compact cube speakers by providing deep, low notes with no audible distortion. However loud—or soft—you play your music, you’ll notice the impact it makes. What you might not notice is the unit itself, as it easily tucks away behind a couch or curtain.





Virtually Invisible® speakers

Height: 3.7 in (9.5 cm)

Width: 3.2 in (8.32 cm)

Depth: 3.3 in (8.49 cm)

Weight: 2.22 lbs (1 kg)

Acoustimass module

Height: 14 in (35.5 cm)

Width: 7.5 in (19 cm)

Depth: 12.5 in (32 cm)

Weight: 13.7 lbs (6.2 kg)

Additional details

Shipping weight

23.75 lbs. (10.7 kg)

In the box

Included items

  • 2 Virtually Invisible Series II speakers
  • Acoustimass module
  • 4 speaker cables – 20 ft (6.1 m)
  • Adhesive-backed rubber feet


Owner's guide

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Yes, a 2.1-channel (stereo) receiver is required.
No, it is recommended that the module be placed in an upright position. Placing it on its side may limit its ability to play at full output for extended periods of time.
Yes, connections and setup are made easy with clearly marked cables and connectors.
The Acoustimass 5 system includes Direct/Reflecting® Series II cube speakers and a larger, more powerful Acoustimass module for more spacious sound. While both systems perform well in any room, the Acoustimass 5 system is the better choice for larger spaces.